The Portuguese Futsal Maestro Ricardinho

We are confident that Ricardinho doesn’t need an introduction since every futsal fan is familiar with this already legendary player who has incredible skills. Today we will get to know him better, learn his biography a bit and will introduce to our readers this fantastic player’s achievements, which will surprise everyone.

Real name

Before we move on to his football part of life, let’s find out the name of the one we used to call simply Ricardinho. On September 3, 1985, in Valbom, Portugal was born Ricardo Filipe da Silva Braga, who was destined to become the greatest futsal star in his country’s history. Traditionally, the long and complicated name was too difficult to pronounce so even before his sports career started, everybody began to call him as we know it today. Futsal fans also warmly call him “The Magician”, because of the tremendous skills he demonstrates on futsal floor. Check out how he looked when he was young:


Becoming a professional futsal player

It is interesting that the hero of this article began his career in big football. In other words, he received his first skills on the lawn, and only after he switched to parquet. The Ricardinho’s first futsal team was “Gramidense”, then at the age of 17 he moved to “Miramar”, where he managed to show his incredible talent, and eventually got to Lisbon “Benfica”. This transfer was decisive in the player’s career, as with this team he won the Portuguese championship three times, got four domestic league titles, twice won the national cup, and twice added to his trophy collection the SuperCup.

And that was only the beginning. In 2010, his team “Benfica” wins the main title in the UEFA Futsal Cup, but here comes the time of incomprehensible wanderings and searching for himself, so he starts his international odyssey that took him to Japan, where he played for the local club “Nagoya Oceans”. For the first season with “Nagoya Oceans” he managed to win the F.League title (Japanese Futsal League), but soon on loan he decided to try himself in Russia, in “Moscow CSKA”.

Ricardinho playing for Japanese Futsal club “Nagoya Oceans”.

The ambitious Portuguese had not long run on the Moscow’s floor, as there were a lot of things he didn’t like. As a result, it was decided to return back to his homeland, to his native “Benfica”. In his native walls he played until 2013, and then he signed a contract with the Spanish grandee “Inter Movistar”, in which he plays and succeeds to the present day.

Playing for a national team

In addition to the club game, Ricardinho has become an integral part of the Portuguese national team since 2003. He made his debut at international level in 2007, when the UEFA Futsal Championship was held. Although the team did not manage to win medals in this tournament, taking fourth place, he scored 4 important goals, for which he received the best player title. He still plays for his national team today, scoring fabulous goals.


Let’s sum up the Ricardinho’s achievements, which he can boast up until now:

The Portuguese Futsal League: 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012.

The Portuguese Cup: 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012.

The Portuguese SuperCup: 2006, 2007, 2009.

Japan League: 2011.

LNFS (Spain League): 2014.

The UEFA Futsal Championship, seasons: 2009/2010, 2016/2017.

Let’s not forget to mention that this futsal talent has been repeatedly awarded the Best Futsal Player title. In his career, this title was obtained four times: in 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Personal Life

Famous Portugal has two kids from different relationships – Lisandro, nine years, and Riana, four. Ricardinho and his ex-spouse Ana Duarte, Riana’s mother, were married for five years. Futsal star announced that he and Ana had broken up in February 2015. This summer Ricardinho posted in social network pictures of his new girlfriend, whose name is still hidden from the public.

And for those who want to monitor the player’s career more closely, we offer to do it at the following links:

  1. Official website
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram

As you can see, 32-years-old Ricardinho has already gained a lot of awards, and there is still plenty of time to multiply his titles, as he continues to create real miracles on the floor. We suggest you watch once again on Ricardinho’s incredible skills and tricks. Sure, you’ve probably seen a lot already, so if someone has more spectacular videos with his participation, add them in the comments.

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