Pros and Cons of Nike Lunar Gato II

In February Nike has brought back the Lunar Gato II futsal boots after they were shelved in 2014, and now we can speak about all strengths and weaknesses of these shoes. So, let’s identify the real pros and cons of new Lunar Gato II.

To begin with, we would like to say that the shoe technology has not changed since its first release. The Lunar Gato II reinstates everything that was loved about the original Lunar Gato II, including the Lunarlon foam cushioning system and non-marking court rubber outsole. And that is actually not the good news as everybody was waiting for some new innovative technologies to be used in the reboot of Nike’s historic futsal shoe.

Still, the iconic Nike Lunar Gato futsal shoes have a lot of advantages. One of the big pluses of the Lunar Gato II is its soft goat leather upper that increases the ‘touch’ of the ball and provides extra durability plus excellent adaptive properties. These shoes are very comfortable right out of the box and require very little break-in time. The mesh panels provide additional breathability. The outsole is made from a fairly soft rubber that provides responsive cushioning, flexibility, and grip on whatever playing surface it encounters. We would like also to point out that Nike’s Lunar Gato famed futsal silhouette hasn’t changed – it still looks amazing, doesn’t it?

When we talk about the disadvantages of Lunar Gato II, we need to mention that these shoes might be uncomfortable for those going on wider-than-average feet. Another complaint is the HyperFuse technology. That is cool that it allows your feet to breath, but because of this the overall stability of the foot is a bit lost. However, the biggest disadvantage of this shoes is the mesh made with thin synthetic material. This problem is especially relevant for the inner side of the boot, where regular contact with the ball occurs. On the one hand, additional breathability seems to be a useful feature for the futsal shoes, but on the other, some of those players who were using intensively Nike Lunar Gato II for 3-4 months say that it quickly wears out because of this.

Weighing up pros and cons, we have to agree that Nike Lunar Gato II deserves definite 8 out of 10. It is a good quality futsal shoe with amazing comfort, springy cushioning system, breathability, and superb ball feel. If you haven’t had the Lunar Gato before you definitely should try it out.

The new colorways continue to appear throughout the year. Recently the Lunar Gato II was released in the light grey and striking orange and now is available in three new colorways.

Let’s hear your thoughts about Nike Lunar Gato II in the comments below.

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