Portugal beat Spain in the UEFA Futsal Euro 2018 Final: Video+Review

Portugal national team at the last minute of extra time, pulled out a 3:2 victory over Spain and for the first time in its history became the UEFA Futsal Champions.

Within the first minute of the final, the Portuguese had a perfect kickstart as the best player of the world in the last four years – Ricardinho – scored accurate and effective long range shooting. The Spaniards quickly recovered and took over the initiative, but for a long time they did not manage to create something dangerous near the André Sousa’s gates. Instead, the Portuguese had several opportunities to double their advantage. However, the opposite happened. Toward the end of the half-time, the current champions of Europe scored a goal – from close range the ball was sent to the net by Mark Tolrà. This goal slightly changed the situation on the floor of “Arena Stožice” in Ljubljana. The Spaniards have played more actively in the second half, and this led to the Portuguese being forced to foul. One of the violations near the gate ended with a goal: Miguelín did not break through by force, and found on the far post a lone Lin, who scored in the empty gate and took Spain closer to their eighth title. In few minutes, the Portuguese got the sixth foul, but Spain did not manage to punish them for it: Miguelín shook the crossbar from ten meters. The Portuguese transferred the game to the extra time on the penultimate minute, having replaced the goalkeeper with the fifth field player. And this tactical move was a salvation for them, as on the 39th minute Bruno Coelho scored a goal.

In the extra-time Portugal lost due to the injury its leader Ricardinho, but this fact didn’t stop it from getting the title of European champion. At the beginning of the last minute in the second period of extra time, Spanish team was appointed a double-penalty which was implemented by Bruno Coelho. And this particular goal of the Portuguese team became “Golden” – Portugal for the first time in its history became the champion of Europe.

Portugal – Spain 3:2

Goals: Ricardinho (1), Bruno Coelho (39, 50 double-penalty) – Tolrà (19), Lin (32)

Warnings: Nílson Miguel (32) – Rafael Usín (49)

At 35 minutes, Miguelín (Spain) did not realize the 10-meter (crossbar)

Ricardinho was named Futsal Euro player of the tournament. Seven goals in Ljubljana also made Portugal winger Ricardinho the all-time top UEFA Futsal EURO finals top scorer. In the interview with reporter Nick Aitken, Ricardinho said: “I told my family that if we got through the semi-finals that we’d win this trophy – I just had a really strong conviction that it was our year. Everybody put in such a huge effort, on an individual, collective and strategic level, and it paid off. I don’t know how much time I missed [after getting injured in extra time] maybe only two or three minutes, but I felt a mix of frustration, at not being able to be out there, and the belief that my team-mates could still do it. We’re a family, the 14 players, the coaches, the staff – we’re a family when we win and when we lose and today we’re the family that’s the best in Europe! We’ve made history and we’re going to enjoy this moment.”

In the match for the third place, the Russian team beat the team of Kazakhstan due to the only goal of Eder Lima in the second half. Russians after three consecutive second places for the third time in history became bronze medalists of the continental championship.

Kazakhstan for the second time in a row played in the Euro final, but in 2016 in Serbia he managed to win it from the hosts.

Russia – Kazakhstan 1: 0

Goal: Eder Lima (29)

Warnings: Abramov (7), Romulo (19), Robinho (34) – Douglas Junior (16)

Withdrawal: Douglas Junior (34 – repeated warning)

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