Cacau is back to head the national futsal team of Kazakhstan

45-year-old Brazilian specialist Ricardo Cámara Sobral, known in wider public by the nickname “Cacau” headed the Kazakhstan national futsal team from 2013 to 2016. Under him Kazakh team played 39 games with 25 wins, 8 draws, and 6 losses and a goal difference of 137-69.

After the World Cup in Colombia, where the national team of Kazakhstan took 11th place, Cacau quit the head coaching, having decided to focus only at working in Kairat Almaty Futsal Club. Another Brazilian – Jose Alesio da Silva – was appointed to the post of the new head coach of the Kazakh national futsal team. Previously Alesio held the position of assistant head coach of country’s national futsal team and Almaty FC “Kairat”.

This April, Kazakhstan’s national futsal team made through qualifying round of the UEFA Futsal Euro. For the second time in its history, Kazakh national team will take part in the Europe’s main futsal tournament.

On September 6, reported that Cacau will resume his work with the Kazakhstan national futsal team, which he had led to the “bronze” of the UEFA Futsal Euro 2016. Cacau will be assisted by Mario Raulino and Raber Claymar from Kairat Almaty Futsal Club.

Let’s also remind that friendly international between Ukraine and Kazakhstan, which will be held in preparation for the upcoming final matches of the UEFA Futsal Euro 2018, is scheduled for January 2018.

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