8 Health Benefits of Playing Futsal

Playing futsal has a lot of advantages. It’s a fun way to make new friends, learn teamwork and confidence, and much more. Regularly playing futsal has a lot of benefits for your health. Here are the top 8 reasons that may inspire you to start playing futsal right now:

  1. Of course, like any other sport, futsal is a great way to improve your overall physical condition. Futsal is a fast and intensive sport, so it will definitely improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance.
  2. Futsal will strengthen your immune system and increase resistance to various diseases. Sure, your first line of defense should be a healthy lifestyle, but choosing futsal as regular exercise will help to keep your immune system strong and healthy.
  3. Maintaining fitness through futsal, according to experts, helps to significantly strengthen the bone tissue and has a positive effect on your musculoskeletal system, which helps protect the bones from injury, and support your joints.
  4. Due to shifts between walking, running and sprinting in the process of playing futsal, you’re using virtually all your muscles from head to toe. As a result, it dramatically increases the blood flow which in turn leads to a better oxygen supply to all cells of your organism.
  5. Futsal improves your balance and your coordination. Body coordination is improved through complex movements like dribbling, turning and passing, which are performed at varying rates of speed and direction.
  6. Numerous studies have shown that the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases is reduced because in the process of training and playing futsal, bad cholesterol is eliminated and blood pressure decreases.
  7. Like any other physical activity, this sport helps greatly in the fight against anxiety, stress, and depression. Playing futsal stimulates the release of serotonin, known as the happy chemical, and other important endorphins that play an important role in regulating mood. So, futsal will help bring back the good mood and as a bonus, you will get a good night’s sleep.
  8. Futsal helps improve brain function, develop quick reactions and increase the dexterity. It is a fast-paced game that requires quick decisions on the field, and even when the game slows down a bit, players still are looking for territorial advantages, trying to reach the pass, taking care to avoid offside position or to defend an area that could be attacked by the opponent.

Finally, we should not forget about such an important benefit that you can enjoy when participating in any team sport, and futsal is not the exception, as the development of a number of important personality traits. During the training process and games, each participant learns to work in a team, acquires the will to win, becomes more disciplined, responsible and more sociable.

The best part about this sport is that you can play it with a small number of players, no matter what the weather or time of the year is. Futsal is not an expensive or prohibitive sport. All you need is space and a ball! For playing futsal just for fun you can find playgrounds almost in any city. You can also play futsal competitively by joining a local team or create your own, and take part in organized club competitions, tournaments or leagues. You can check available futsal playgrounds in your city or add the one where you play, find new team players or just discover the world of futsal on our social network for all futsal players and fans.

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