3 tips to incorporate the Mediterranean style in your home

When designing the interior of your home, there are many designs to choose from. The Mediterranean style is one such example that has gained popularity over the years. It is mostly found in homes in warmer regions like California and Florida. However, this style traces its origins to Southern Europe and Northern Africa.

Go for furniture and furnishings that match your style

It can be a little hard to select the right furniture for your custom made home, but now shopping for your Mediterranean style furniture is easy. When selecting your furniture go for heavy hard wood furniture or anything that is made of wrought iron which will give your furniture pieces a more natural look. This style is known to feature furniture pieces that have shorter legs and unique designs. You can add throw pillows to compliment your walls and furniture.


The Mediterranean style is known to incorporate colors and paintings that are a constant reminder of the sky and the sea. They include yellow, blue, pink, orange and other warm colors. These colors allow you to feel the outdoors without necessarily leaving your home. Use mosaics and beautiful tiles on your floors to achieve the Mediterranean style.

Style and build

To achieve the ultimate Mediterranean style in your custom made home, don’t forget to incorporate high ceilings, spiraling staircases, wood detailing and decorative arches. The exteriors of these homes feature stucco walls and tile roofs. You can add a balcony to your home to bring some flair to it.

More tips

  • Mix Spanish and Italian architecture
  • Don’t forget decorative arches for your home

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